Women's Empowerment Appeal

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Women’s empowerment means several things. It means bringing women to the forefront of decision-making in communities. It means demanding the economic and social empowerment of women. It means using our political voice to advocate for women.

Without empowering women, we cannot improve people’s livelihoods and health. Without the input of women, we cannot secure health justice for all. That is why we address the many inequalities that women face in our work.

On the ground in Malawi

In Malawi, one of the main issues driving poverty is gender inequality. Women do not have the same access to productive resources as men do. This threatens their ability to make a living, enjoy a nutritious diet, pay for medical treatment, and secure other essentials for a healthy life.

Find Your Feet works alongside women and community leaders to challenge the stereotypes and gender inequality that arise from harmful social norms and attitudes. One way we do this, is by holding community awareness meetings on gender equality, human rights, and advocacy against harmful social norms.

We focus on women’s economic, social, and legal empowerment; breaking down the barriers that prevent women’s participation in decision making and leadership.

We help Village Saving and Loans Associations, whose members are primarily women, to support access to affordable loans. With better access to credit, women have more opportunities to empower themselves economically.

Addressing gender inequality is fundamental to everything we do. We analyse gender relations in the areas where we work, so we can understand their impact on our projects and the impact of our projects on gender relations.

A brighter future

Many of the women involved in our projects take up leadership positions and are actively involved in decision making at community level. This is largely because their confidence has increased, through gaining knowledge about human rights and improving their financial literacy.

Some now run their own businesses, and their economic status has improved significantly. Some have managed to build their own houses and buy vehicles. Families report that they are becoming more prosperous as women play a greater role in household decision making.

 Our approach

Alongside our sister organization, Health Poverty Action, we are working across the globe for women’s empowerment. We focus on reaching marginalised women. These women often face intersectional discrimination, due to their social class, their ethnic background, and their existence as women. This intersectional discrimination makes them some of the most vulnerable and marginalised populations in the world.


 How do we do this?

  • We promote social and policy change to address systemic issues which contribute to the marginalisation of these women
  • We focus on women-led initiatives, such as our programmes tackling multiple barriers in employment, business and health
  • We support women and girls to define their social, economic and health needs and defend their rights
  • Not only do women deserve equal rights and opportunities – gender equality and women’s full enjoyment of human rights are essential to economic and social development.

 At Find Your Feet we know that improving women’s rights is essential to achieving a future free from hunger and poverty. Please give whatever you can today and stand with women who are defending their rights and demanding justice.

Your donation’s impact

By giving to our Women’s Empowerment Appeal you are standing with women across Africa, Asia and Latin America in their fight for empowerment.

  • £28 could cover the cost of training one woman in sustainable and organic farming methods
  • £64 could cover the cost of technical training and business start-up funding for a woman who has experienced gender-based violence
  • £188 could pay a month’s salary for a social worker who ensures the most vulnerable and marginalised women and girls get the support they need in their communities



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